Photo Contest Entries 2016

Lisa Gregg
Lisa Gregg Photo #1

Lisa Gregg Photo #1


Lisa Gregg Photo #2

Lisa Gregg Photo #2

Sara Towles
“Skipjack Races 2016”
Saratowles29.jpg Saratowles.jpg Saratowles9.jpg

Dawn Whitelock


Michelle Goodridge
DSC_0627   Michelle Goodridge 1 DSC_0681

NAME:  Randy Bethke

Photo Caption: “Raising the Jib”
Randy_Bethke336  Randy_Bethke438 Randy_Bethke222

Christopher Powers

 Christopher Powers 1 Christopher Powers 2 Christopher Powers 3

 MaryJo LaFianza
MJ LaFianza 01

Jill Benton
Photo #1 Fannie L. Daugherty was being towed out to the race. (Sept 5th, 2016), Photo #2 Captain Delmas Benton of the Fannie L. Daugherty with his granddaughter Brooke Benton and grandson Delmas Benton,III,  Photo #3 Labor day parade
Jill Benton  eJill Benton2 Jill Benton3

Karen Corwin
photo #1: Helen Virginia sunset night before the race.
photo #2: Skipjack masts of Thomas Clyde and Rebecca T. Ruark in the harbor just after the race finished.
photo #3: Winner Rebecca T. Ruark taken from aboard Helen Virginia.
karencorwin1 karencorwin2

 Tim Dyer
TimDyer2  timDyer1

Brooke Stewart

Brooke Stewart 2 Brooke Stewart 3 Brooke Stewart 1

Hannah Whitelock, Age 12  (Youth Category)

Hannah Whitelock

Hannah Whitelock